AG1 Development and Agriculture Policy
AG2 The Protection of Best Quality Agricultural Land Policy
AG3 Controls for Agricultural Permitted Development Policy
AG4 The Control of Agricultural Development Policy
AG5 Criteria for Agricultural Nuisances Policy
AG6 Development Near Agricultural Nuisances Policy
AG7 Agricultural and Horticultural Retailing Policy
AG8 Criteria for Equestrian and Livery Activities. Policy
AG9 Fender Farm Riding School and Stables, Moreton Proposal
CH1 Development Affecting Listed Buildings and Structures Policy
CH10 Eastham Village Conservation Area Policy
CH11 Caldy Conservation Area Policy
CH12 Frankby Village Conservation Area Policy
CH13 Gayton Conservation Area Policy
CH14 Heswall Lower Village Conservation Area Policy
CH15 Thornton Hough Conservation Area Policy
CH16 West Kirby Old Village Conservation Area Policy
CH17 Saughall Massie Conservation Area Policy
CH18 Wellington Road (New Brighton) Conservation Area Policy
CH19 Thurstaston Conservation Area Policy
CH2 Development Affecting Conservation Areas Policy
CH20 Bromborough Village Conservation Area Policy
CH21 Barnston Village Conservation Area Policy
CH22 Bromborough Pool Conservation Area Policy
CH23 Flaybrick Cemetery Conservation Area Policy
CH24 Development Affecting Scheduled Ancient Monuments Policy
CH25 Development Affecting Non-Scheduled Remains Policy
CH26 The Preservation of Historic Parks and Gardens Policy
CH3 Demolition Control within Conservation Areas Policy
CH4 Bidston Village Conservation Area Policy
CH5 Hamilton Square Conservation Area Policy
CH6 Birkenhead Park Conservation Area Policy
CH7 Oxton Village Conservation Area Policy
CH8 Rock Park Conservation Area Policy
CH9 Port Sunlight Conservation Area Policy
CO1 Development Within the Developed Coastal Zone Policy
CO2 Development Within the Undeveloped Coastal Zone Policy
CO3 Tourism and Leisure in the Coastal Zone Policy
CO4 Criteria for Coastal Protection and Sea Defence Works Policy
CO5 Development Requiring Additional Coastal Defence Works Policy
CO6 Development within Areas at Risk of Coastal Erosion Policy
CO7 Criteria for Development in the Inter-Tidal Zone Policy
CO8 Development in the Coastal Zone Requiring Environmental Assessment Policy
EM1 Former Cammell Laird’s Shipyard Proposal
EM10 Birkenhead and Eastham Dock Estates Policy
EM11 Bidston Observatory and the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Policy
EM12 Employment Development in Primarily Residential Areas Policy
EM2 Conway Park Proposal
EM3 Land for General Employment Use Proposal
EM4 Expansion Land for Existing Businesses Proposal
EM5 Land at Dock Road South, Bromborough Proposal
EM6 General Criteria for New Employment Development Policy
EM7 Environmental Criteria for New Employment Development Policy
EM8 Development within Primarily Industrial Areas Policy
EM9 Non-Employment Uses in Industrial Areas Policy
GB1 Amendments to the Green Belt Boundary Proposal
GB10 Key Workers Dwellings in the Green Belt Policy
GB11 Removal of Agricultural Occupancy Conditions Policy
GB2 Guidelines for Development in the Green Belt Policy
GB3 Re-Use of Buildings in the Green Belt Policy
GB4 Replacement of Existing Dwellings in the Green Belt Policy
GB5 Extension of Existing Dwellings in the Green Belt Policy
GB6 Development in Infill Villages in the Green Belt Policy
GB7 Infill Villages in the Green Belt Proposal
GB8 Guidelines for Major Developed Sites in the Green Belt Policy
GB9 Major Developed Sites in the Green Belt Proposal
GR1 The Protection of Urban Greenspace Policy
GR2 Land Designated as Urban Greenspace Proposal
GR3 The Protection of Allotments Policy
GR4 Allotments to be Protected From Development Proposal
GR5 Landscaping and New Development Policy
GR6 Greenspace Within New Family Housing Development Policy
GR7 Trees and New Development Policy
HS1 Land Allocated for Residential Development Proposal
HS10 Backland Development Policy
HS11 House Extensions Policy
HS12 Pre-School Day Care Policy
HS13 Self-Contained Flat Conversions Policy
HS14 Houses in Multiple Occupation Policy
HS15 Non-Residential Uses in Primarily Residential Areas Policy
HS2 Land at Noctorum Way, Noctorum Proposal
HS3 Land to the East of Fender Farm, Moreton Proposal
HS4 Criteria for New Housing Development Policy
HS5 Density and Design Guidelines Policy
HS6 Principles for Affordable Housing Policy
HS7 Sheltered Housing Policy
HS8 Nursing Homes/ Residential Care Homes Policy
HS9 Mobility Housing Policy
LA1 Protection for Areas of Special Landscape Value Policy
LA2 Areas of Special Landscape Value Policy
LA3 Priorities for Areas Requiring Landscape Renewal Policy
LA4 Areas Requiring Landscape Renewal Proposal
LA5 Criteria for Horse Shelters and Stables Policy
LA6 Criteria for Advertisements Outside the Urban Area Policy
LA7 Criteria for Development at the Urban Fringe Policy
MI1 The Control of Clay Extraction Policy
MI2 The Control of Oil and Gas Facilities Policy
MI3 Facilities for Marine Won Sand and Gravel Policy
MI4 Sand, Gravel and Sandstone Extraction Policy
MI5 Development Control Criteria for Mineral Extraction Policy
MI6 Use of Secondary and Recycled Aggregates. Policy
NC1 The Protection of Sites of International Importance for Nature Conservation Policy
NC10 The Protection of Sites of Importance for Earth Science Policy
NC11 Sites of Local Importance for Earth Science Proposal
NC2 Sites of International Importance for Nature Conservation Policy
NC3 The Protection of Sites of National Importance For Nature Conservation Policy
NC4 Sites of National Importance for Nature Conservation Proposal
NC5 The Protection of Sites of Local Importance for Nature Conservation Policy
NC6 Sites of Biological Importance Proposal
NC7 Species Protection Policy
NC8 Local Nature Reserves Policy
NC9 Dibbinsdale Nature Centre Proposal
PO1 Potentially Polluting Development Policy
PO2 Development Near Existing Sources of Pollution Policy
PO3 Noise Policy
PO4 Noise-Sensitive Development Policy
PO5 Criteria for the Development of Contaminated Land Policy
PO6 Migration of Landfill Gas Policy
PO7 Development on Unstable Land Policy
PO8 Hazardous Installations and Substances Policy
PO9 Criteria for Development Near Notifiable Hazards Policy
RE1 Criteria for Urban Recreation Facilities Policy
RE10 Criteria for Community Centres and Facilities Policy
RE11 Criteria for Children’s Play Facilities Policy
RE12 Sites for New Children’s Play Equipment Proposal
RE13 Criteria for Sports Facilities in the Green Belt Policy
RE2 Land for New Recreation Facilities Policy
RE3 New Neighbourhood Indoor Sports Facilities Policy
RE4 New Neighbourhood Swimming Pool, Beechwood Proposal
RE5 Criteria for the Protection of Playing Fields Policy
RE6 Sports Grounds for Protection from Development Proposal
RE7 Criteria for the Protection of School Playing Fields. Policy
RE8 Criteria for Artificial Playing Pitches Policy
RE9 Criteria for Floodlighting at Sports Facilities Policy
SH1 Criteria for Development in Key Town Centres Policy
SH10 Design and Location of Out-of-Centre and Edge-of-Centre Retail Development Policy
SH11 The Expansion of Out-of-Centre Retail Developments Policy
SH12 Amusement Centres Policy
SH2 Criteria for Development in Traditional Suburban Centres Policy
SH3 Ground Floor Residential Uses in Key Town Centres and Traditional Suburban Shopping Centres Policy
SH4 Small Shopping Centres and Parades Policy
SH5 Residential Development in Small Shopping Centres and Parades in Primarily Residential Areas Policy
SH6 Development Within Primarily Commercial Areas Policy
SH7 Upper Floor Uses in Retail Premises Policy
SH8 Criteria for Shop Fronts Policy
SH9 Criteria for Out-of-Centre and Edge-of-Centre Retail Development Policy
TE1 Criteria for Telecommunications Apparatus Policy
TE2 Criteria for Television Satellite Dishes Policy
TL1 The Protection of Urban Tourist Resources Policy
TL10 Criteria for Tourism Development in the Green Belt Policy
TL11 Development at Countryside Recreation Sites Policy
TL12 North Wirral Coastal Park Visitor Centre Proposal
TL13 Camp Site Amenity Block, Royden Park Proposal
TL14 Protecting and Extending Public Rights of Way Policy
TL2 Criteria for Urban Tourism Policy
TL3 Land for Tourism Development at Wirral Waterfront Proposal
TL4 Land for Tourism Development at New Brighton Proposal
TL5 The Control of Tourism in West Kirby Policy
TL6 The Control of Tourism in Port Sunlight Policy
TL7 Criteria for Hotels and Guest Houses Policy
TL8 Land at the Former Derby Pool, New Brighton Proposal
TL9 The Protection of Rural Tourist Attractions and Resources Policy
TR1 New Railway Stations Proposal
TR10 Cycle Routes Proposal
TR11 Provision for Cyclists in Highway and Development Schemes Policy
TR12 Requirements for Cycle Parking Policy
TR13 Requirements for Disabled Access Policy
TR2 New Park and Ride Facilities Proposal
TR3 New or Extended Railway Car Parks Proposal
TR4 Birkenhead Central Bus Facility Proposal
TR5 Major Highway Schemes Proposal
TR6 Minor Highway Improvements Proposal
TR7 Transport Corridor Environmental Improvements Proposal
TR8 Criteria for the Design of Highway Schemes Policy
TR9 Requirements for Off-Street Parking Policy
WA1 Development and Flood Risk Policy
WA2 Development and Land Drainage Policy
WA3 Development and Groundwater Protection Policy
WA4 Safeguarding Water Resources Policy
WA5 Protecting Surface Waters Policy
WA6 Development Within River Corridors Policy
WA7 Heswall Drainage Catchment Area Policy
WM1 Landfill Waste Disposal Sites. Policy
WM10 Requirements for the Environmental Assessment of Waste Disposal Facilities Policy
WM2 Criteria for Landfill Waste Disposal Sites Policy
WM3 Restoration and Aftercare of Landfill Waste Disposal Sites Policy
WM4 Provision of Recycling Collection Areas. Policy
WM5 Criteria for Waste Reception Centres Policy
WM6 Criteria for Waste Transfer Stations Policy
WM7 Criteria for Clinical and Chemical Waste Incinerators Policy
WM8 Criteria for Sewage Treatment Facilities. Policy
WM9 Criteria for Sewage Sludge Disposal Facilities Policy