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RE12  Sites for New Children’s Play Equipment  Proposal

Provision of children’s play equipment is required within the following public parks and open spaces:

1. Kings Parade Recreation Ground, New Brighton
2. Elleray Park, Wallasey
3. Holm Lane Recreation Ground, Oxton
4. Walker Park, Prenton
5. Brackenwood Park, Bebington
6. Land at Noctorum Way, Noctorum

Equipment will be provided at these sites subject to Policy RE11 and the availability of resources.

Reasoned justification :

9.42 The Wirral Leisure Strategy identifies the sites listed above as priorities for the provision of new children’s playgrounds in order to fill gaps in the network of provision for formal children’s play. While the precise location for play equipment has not yet been identified, all the sites are major public parks and comply with the general requirements of Policy RE11. Play equipment will be provided within the UDP period, as resources become available.