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TR1  New Railway Stations  Proposal

The Local Planning Authority will reserve the land for new railway stations at the following locations:

(a) on the Merseyrail network:

1. Eastham Rake, Eastham
2. Conway Park, Birkenhead
3. Townmeadow, Moreton

(b)on the Regional Railways North West, Birkenhead-Wrexham line:

4. Beechwood, Birkenhead
5. Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead

Reasoned justification :

15.6 Use of Wirral's Merseyrail system has increased in response to substantial capital investment and improvements to rail services, notably the Liverpool Loop and Link, the electrification of the line between Rock Ferry and Hooton, and the provision of a new station at Bromborough Rake.

15.7 Future developments will lead to increased patronage. The line from Hooton to Chester was electrified in 1993, and from Hooton to Ellesmere Port in 1994, allowing through services to these destinations from Liverpool. This justifies the provision of a new station at Eastham Rake. Proposed retail / leisure/ commercial development in central Birkenhead, as part of the Wirral City Challenge Initiative, will be served by a new underground station at Conway Park, and further residential development at Moreton will support a new station at Townmeadow.

15.8 Proposals for the electrification of the Birkenhead - Wrexham line as far as Heswall or Neston, or possibly to Shotton High Level, together with a new link into the Merseyrail network at Bidston Junction are now being examined. New stations at Beechwood and Woodchurch are justified by the size of the catchment populations in the vicinity of these locations.