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PO6  Migration of Landfill Gas  Policy

Development proposals on land liable to be affected by the migration of gas from a nearby landfill waste disposal site will only be permitted if adequate provision has been made for:

(i) the on-going gas monitoring of the site; and

(ii) a scheme for the exclusion or control of migrating gas related to any buildings proposed.

These provisions must be implemented before the development is occupied, and must ensure that suitable precautions are taken in order to prevent migrating gas causing a hazard either during the course of development or during the subsequent use of the site.

Reasoned justification :

21.20 The danger caused by the migration of harmful gases from landfill waste disposal sites has increasingly been recognised. The possibility of difficulties arising from migrating gas is a material planning consideration and planning permission for development likely to be affected should not be granted unless reliable arrangements can be made to overcome the dangers that may arise.

21.21The Local Planning Authority is already required to consult the waste disposal authority on all applications involving development falling within 250 metres of land which is, or has within the last thirty years, been used for the deposit of waste or refuse and is likely to emit gas. However, it is recognised that there can be no hard and fast rule about the appropriate distance between landfill sites and other development in relation to the possible migration of gas. Policy PO6, therefore, requires that where land is considered liable to problems from migrating gas, development will only be permitted where steps are taken to ensure that gas cannot migrate into property or accumulate in confined spaces.