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TL13  Camp Site Amenity Block, Royden Park  Proposal

Land at Royden Park, Frankby is allocated for the development of amenity and washroom facilities for visitors to the new camping area set aside within the Park.

Reasoned justification :

10.44 In 1988, a new camping field was established at Royden Park to relieve pressure on the camping facilities at Thurstaston Country Park. This new provision, specifically intended for use by organised groups and parties, has proved extremely popular. However, on-site facilities are of a poor standard for this level of demand and campers currently have to cross a road to use the public toilets also used by other visitors to the Park. A need to provide toilets and showers for use by campers alone, with further provision for disabled campers, has therefore been recognised.

10.45 The project is within the Council's approved capital programme and is, therefore, provided for within Proposal TL13.