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TL4  Land for Tourism Development at New Brighton  Proposal

The following sites within New Brighton are considered suitable for mixed-use, tourism-related developments, subject to Policy TL2 and Policy CO1 controlling development within the Coastal Zone:

1. Site of the former open air swimming pool and the Marine Lake, Marine Promenade
2. Fort Perch Rock and Rock Lighthouse, subject to Policy CH1
3. Land and buildings to the south of Marine Promenade

Reasoned justification :

10.21 A number of strategies have been prepared in the past for the restoration of New Brighton as a major day-trip destination within Merseyside. The core of the resort now falls within the area of the Merseyside Development Corporation and is the subject of a revised New Brighton Area Strategy for the renewal of the area. As a result of this latest initiative a comprehensive programme of environmental improvements and redevelopment has been undertaken within the main retail and commercial area and along the coastal strip.

10.22 Further improvements are planned but it is widely recognised that major tourist development still needs to be attracted if the future of the resort is to be secured. Policy TL4, therefore, formally allocates those sites already identified within the New Brighton Area Strategy as sites providing major opportunities for new tourist-related development or as part of proposals for mixed-use development schemes.

10.23 Allocations include the site of the former open air swimming pool, which would be suitable for a major recreational and entertainment complex; the historic fort at Perch Rock, which will be primarily subject to listed building controls set out within Policy CH1; and the redevelopment of the land and buildings fronting the promenade. These allocations reflect the wider objective of focusing tourist projects to the waterfront area north of Virginia Road and away from the main residential and retail areas beyond.