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TR2  New Park and Ride Facilities  Proposal

The Local Planning Authority will reserve the land for new major park and ride facilities at the following railway stations:

1. Leasowe
2. Hoylake
3. Bidston

Reasoned justification :

This justification relates to Proposals TR2 and TR3

15.9 In the past, considerable progress has been made in developing park-and-ride facilities within Wirral. The aim is to integrate transport modes more effectively, increase rail patronage and relieve road congestion. With the prospect of further development of the rail system, and to aid increased patronage, further development of such facilities is proposed.

15.10 A four hundred space facility is proposed at both Leasowe and Hoylake, both to cater for their respective catchment populations and in the latter case to relieve congestion and on-street parking by commuters in Hoylake and West Kirby. Similar provision is proposed at Bidston, but the size of this facility has yet to be determined. In the cases of Hoylake and Bidston, the park-and-ride facility will be located within the Green Belt. Prior to development, therefore, exceptional circumstances will have to be proved to override normal Green Belt controls in order that these developments can proceed. The facilities would contribute to sustainable development objectives in that they provide for the maximum use of public transport infrastructure.

15.11 At the stations listed in Proposal TR3 either new car parks or extensions to existing car parks are proposed to cater for both commuters and shoppers to relieve road congestion in Birkenhead Town Centre.

15.12 In the design of all car parks, particular attention will be paid to security, landscaping and cycle parking facilities.