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EM3  Land for General Employment Use  Proposal

The following sites are allocated on the Proposals Map for uses falling within Classes B1, B2 or B8 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, subject to Policy EM6, Policy EM7 and Policy EM9:

Large sites (10 hectares and above)

1. Twelve Quays, Birkenhead -- 16.3 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1 and Policy CO3)
2. Croft Business Park, Bromborough -- 11.5 ha
3. Former Power Station, Power Road, Bromborough -- 10.5 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1 and Policy CO3)

SUB-TOTAL -- 38.3 ha

Medium-sized sites (5-10 hectares)

4. Land west of Reeds Lane, Moreton -- 7.5 ha
5. Slackwood, Plantation Road, Bromborough -- 6.1 ha
6. RV Chemicals Phase 2, Stadium Road,Bromborough -- 6.1 ha
7. QEII Dock, Bankfields Road, Eastham -- 6.0 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1 and Policy CO3)
8. North Cheshire Trading Estate, Prenton -- 5.5 ha
9. South of Commercial Road, Bromborough -- 5.1 ha
10. Bankfields, off North Road, Eastham -- 4.9 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1 and Policy CO3)

SUB-TOTAL -- 41.2 ha

Small-sized sites (1-5 hectares)

11. North of North Road, Eastham -- 4.2 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1 and Policy CO3)
12. Former Mollington Street Depot, Tranmere -- 3.4 ha
13. Cross Lane Industrial Estate, Wallasey -- 3.3 ha
14. Former Coal Depot, Wallasey Bridge Road -- 2.3 ha
15. North and South of Shore Road, Birkenhead -- 1.9 ha
(subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1)
16. Gallagher's Hill, Corporation Road -- 1.3 ha
17. Land South of Kelvinside, Seacombe -- 1.1 ha
18. Former Depot, Birkenhead Road, Seacombe -- 1.0 ha
19. Tarran Industrial Estate, Moreton -- 1.0 ha

SUB-TOTAL -- 19.5 ha

GRAND TOTAL -- 99.0 ha

Reasoned justification :

5.17. The employment land allocations in Proposal EM3 strike a balance between the factors outlined at the start of Section 5 of the UDP, by identifying a range of sites particularly, but not exclusively, within the areas of Wallasey and Birkenhead where the problems of high unemployment and low mobility are most acute. The allocation of sites in Bromborough reflects their wider strategic importance, as identified in the Merseyside Strategic Sites Study carried out by Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte.

5.18. This pattern of distribution also brings environmental benefits. It should, for example, help to reduce the number and length of car journeys, to reduce harmful emissions and traffic congestion, and maximise the opportunities for using public transport for journeys to work.

5.19. All the sites listed under Proposal EM3 were uncommitted at January 1994. While most have no significant constraints to development, some represent a resource for the medium and longer-term. A number also fall wholly or partly within the designated Coastal Zone and are, therefore, also subject to Policy CO1 and Policy CO3, which can be found in Section 20 of the UDP. Additional planning guidance is provided for a number of the Proposal EM3 sites in site specific development or planning briefs.