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TL12  North Wirral Coastal Park Visitor Centre  Proposal

Land and buildings at Leasowe Lighthouse are allocated for the development of a visitor centre for North Wirral Coastal Park.

Reasoned justification :

10.42 The Leasowe Lighthouse and Leasowe Common area is one of the busiest areas of the North Wirral Coastal Park. It has been identified within the Wirral Countryside Recreation Strategy as an area where the provision of additional visitor facilities and information should be targeted.

10.43 Leasowe Lighthouse is a major landmark within the Coastal Park and since refurbishment in 1987, has become a popular attraction for visitors to the north Wirral coast. It is now, therefore, proposed to incorporate a visitor centre as part of a further phase of refurbishment, allied to new outbuildings required to provide a Rangers office, toilet, kitchen and small classroom/ lecture area. The project is within the Council's approved capital programme and is, therefore, provided for within Proposal TL12.