The Protection Of Agriculture Policy  AGR1
The Protection Of Heritage Policy  CHO1
Principles For The Coastal Zone Policy  COA1
Provision Of Employment Land Policy  EMP1
Green Belt Boundaries Policy  GBT1
The Protection Of Urban Greenspace Policy  GRE1
New Dwelling Requirement Policy  HSG1
Affordable Housing Policy  HSG2
Principles For Landscape Policy  LAN1
Maintaining Minerals Supply Policy  MIN1
Safeguarding Mineral Reserves Policy  MIN2
Restoration And Aftercare Of Mineral Extraction Sites Policy  MIN3
Principles For Nature Conservation Policy  NC01
Restrictions For Polluting And Hazardous Uses Policy  POL1
Principles For Sport And Recreation Policy  REC1
Principles For Renewable Energy Policy  REN1
Principles For New Retail Development Policy  SHO1
Principles For Telecommunications Policy  TEL1
Principles For Tourism Development Policy  TLR1
Provision For Public Transport Policy  TRT1
Safeguarding Land For Highway Schemes Policy  TRT2
Transport And The Environment Policy  TRT3
Development And Urban Regeneration Policy  URN1
Planning Agreements For Urban Regeneration Policy  URN2
Fluvial And Tidal Flooding Policy  WAT1
Protection Of The Water Environment Policy  WAT2
Landfill Provision Policy  WMT1
Recycling And Re-Use Of Waste Materials Policy  WMT2