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WA2  Development and Land Drainage  Policy

(i) Where proposed developments are on land of such a size or nature relative to receiving watercourses that there could be a significant increase in surface water run-off from the area, or are situated in an area where the Environment Agency has indicated that there may be drainage problems, consultation with the Environment Agency or the local Land Drainage Authority will be required and conditions may be imposed requiring storage within the surface water system.

(ii) In assessing development proposals, the Local Planning Authority will seek to maintain and enhance the natural character of wetlands, groundwaters, ponds, rivers and their margins. In particular, the culverting of watercourses will be discouraged, in order to preserve the natural storage provided and to avoid future maintenance difficulties.

Reasoned justification :

19.8 Upstream of the areas protected by the embankments on the River Birket and the River Fender and their tributary streams, and in other river catchments such as the River Dibbin in the south of the Borough, large developments may have an effect on the run-off to these tributaries. This effect will also impact on water levels and the character of watercourses downstream. Where this effect is likely to be significant, for example, in their potential effect on the River Fender and/ or the River Birket, conditions may be required on applications for development which will provide for surface water run-off controls such as attenuation tanks of over-sized drains.

19.9 Watercourses and areas of standing water are important wildlife habitats and provide for many leisure pursuits. It is important, therefore, to protect and enhance their natural character. In addition, the Environment Agency have access rights to many water areas and their margins for maintenance, which must also be protected.