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LA6  Criteria for Advertisements Outside the Urban Area  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will regulate advertisements outside the urban area in order to prevent the unsightly proliferation of signs, adverts, hoardings and other associated structures and to secure the continued preservation of the character of Wirral's rural areas.

In assessing applications, the Local Planning Authority will have particular regard to:

(i) the visual effect of the proposal on its surroundings;

(ii) the local characteristics of the neighbourhood, including its landscape setting; and

(iii) the siting of the proposal, in terms of its position in relation to the public highway.

Reasoned justification :

14.29 All outdoor advertisements affect the appearance of the building, structure or place where they are displayed and are, therefore, subject to specific regulations related to their impact on "amenity" and "public safety". This is especially important within rural areas, where the impact of an advertisement upon its surroundings can be especially significant and the character and appearance of the area can be easily spoiled by a poorly designed or insensitively placed advert. This potential for harm must, however, be balanced against the need for rural businesses to advertise their services and products.

14.30 While large poster hoardings are especially out of place outside urban commercial locations, it is difficult to be prescriptive about other forms of external advertising without being unduly restrictive. Policy LA6, therefore, sets out the general principles of care and restraint that will be exercised by the Local Planning Authority in operating advert controls in such areas. These principles predominantly relate to the preservation of rural character. Policy LA6 is, therefore, designed to avoid proliferation and to ensure that outdoor advertisements outside the urban area are in harmony with their immediate setting, in terms of local land contours, landscape character and other background features.