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SH12  Amusement Centres  Policy

Large-scale amusement centres, bingo halls and clubs, and large amusement arcades, for example, combining bingo with amusement with prizes and amusement-only machines, should be confined to the Key Town Centres of Birkenhead and Liscard and the seafront area along Marine Promenade in New Brighton. Small-scale amusement centres may be acceptable within smaller shopping centres, where noise and disturbance can be controlled through the imposition of planning conditions. In considering all amusement centre proposals regard will be had to the following criteria:

(i) noise and disturbance from the proposal is not detrimental to the amenity of the area, and is no greater than that generated by existing uses - suitable conditions may be imposed requiring the incorporation of noise-attenuation measures, restricting hours of operation and specifying the type of amusement machine permitted;

(ii) where an amusement centre is located on a street containing similar establishments, cumulative levels of noise and disturbance, from both the existing and proposed activities, should not exceed a level likely to be detrimental to the amenity of the area;

(iii) proposals for amusement centres within shopping centres should incorporate a shop front and permanent window display.

Reasoned justification :

16.48 The term "amusement centre" covers activities such as bingo halls and clubs, prize bingo centres, amusement-with-prizes machines and amusement-only machines. By their nature, such uses have potential to create greater levels of noise and disturbance than other activities within the urban area. Policy SH12, therefore, provides additional guidance on the location of these uses and on the controls which may be used to minimise additional noise and disturbance.

16.49 Amusement centres have been a long-established attraction in New Brighton, but should be confined to the seafront area along Marine Promenade in order to safeguard the amenity of nearby residential areas. Other large-scale amusement centre uses should be confined to Birkenhead and Liscard, where disturbance to residential areas in particular can be minimised. Elsewhere, only small-scale amusement centre uses will be appropriate and only where noise and disturbance can be controlled by condition.