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NC7  Species Protection  Policy

Development which would have an adverse effect on wildlife species protected by law will not be permitted unless the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that the protection of the species can be secured through the use of planning conditions and/ or planning obligations.

Reasoned justification :

13.30 Certain plant and animal species, including all wild birds, are protected under Part 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). It is, therefore, an offence to ill-treat any animal; to kill injure, sell or take protected species (with certain exceptions); or intentionally to damage, destroy or obstruct their places of shelter.

13.31 The presence of a protected species is a material consideration. The Local Planning Authority will, therefore, only permit proposals likely to affect a protected species when its protection can be secured through the use of planning conditions or planning obligations. Additional protection is given to the feeding and foraging areas of some protected species through their designation as Sites of Biological Importance under Proposal NC6.