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CO2  Development Within the Undeveloped Coastal Zone  Policy

Within the Undeveloped Coastal Zone, small-scale facilities for tourism and water-based recreation will be permitted subject to the following criteria:

(i) the proposal clearly requires a coastal location;

(ii) is located unobtrusively and will not cause disturbance to areas of quiet enjoyment of the coast;

(iii) the proposal will not adversely affect coastal and marine nature conservation or earth science, archaeology, landscape value or visual quality; and

(iv) does not reduce the effectiveness or impede the maintenance of sea defence or coastal protection structures, and additionally satisfies the requirements in Policy CO5 and Policy CO6 relating to development in areas at risk from flooding and erosion.

The Local Planning Authority will also have regard to possible cumulative impacts resulting from the combination of the proposal with other existing or proposed developments in the Coastal Zone.

Reasoned justification :

20.20 Few developments require a coastal location, and the undeveloped coast should not be expected to accommodate new development which could be located inland or in existing developed areas. Where a coastal location is required, then the developed coast is the most appropriate location. Not only will this minimise the loss of undeveloped coastline but development here will help to secure wider urban regeneration objectives.

20.21 The fact that much of the landward undeveloped coast is Green Belt, and that the intertidal areas are covered by statutory nature conservation designations, provides strong safeguards against inappropriate development in the Undeveloped Coastal Zone. Policy CO2, therefore, provides further guidance on the two uses which may be appropriate within the undeveloped coast. Policy CO2 should, in particular, be read in conjunction with the policies for Green Belt and nature conservation which can be found in Section 7 and Section 13 of the UDP.

20.22 Small-scale visitor facilities for tourism or water-based recreation are considered acceptable on the undeveloped coast but only where this could be accommodated without detriment to nature conservation and areas of quiet enjoyment of the coast. This means that facilities for noisy watersports should normally be confined to the urban coast. As with the developed coast, the Local Planning Authority will need to be satisfied that proposals which individually may be acceptable do not have a detrimental impact when combined with other existing or proposed development.