1.59 The UDP will replace all existing policy planning documents, e.g. The Merseyside Structure Plan, Merseyside Green Belt Plan and the 'old style' Development Plans.

1.60 The policies and proposals of the UDP are therefore formulated to take account of the local planning context. The following Development Plans of adjoining Local Authorities' have been taken into account in the UDP:

  • Cheshire Replacement Structure Plan 1993
  • Ellesmere Port and Neston Local Plan (excluding Mersey Marshes Local Plan) 1994
  • Clwyd Replacement Structure Plan - Draft for Consultation 1994
  • Delyn Borough Local Plan 1993
  • Sefton MBC Unitary Development Plan - Deposit Draft 1991
  • Liverpool City Council Unitary Development Plan - Draft for Consultation 1994.

1.61 A number of other local initiatives or agencies are also reflected within the UDP:

1.62 The North West Regional Association. A consortium of all Local Authorities in the region. It has already commissioned a North West Economic Strategy and a Regional Transport Strategy, and is instrumental in the preparation of Regional Planning Guidance which will guide the longer term plan making process.

1.63 The Merseyside Development Corporation. Established in 1981 and substantially extended in area in 1988, the Corporation has published Development Strategies for its areas of responsibility in Birkenhead and New Brighton. Although not a statutory plan-making body, the legislation requires the UDP to take account of the Corporation's plans and proposals.

1.64 Merseyside Strategic Sites and Premises Study. This was commissioned by the Merseyside Authorities' to identify employment sites of sub-regional significance for attracting employment-generating investments. One such site within Wirral's UDP area is so identified.

1.65 Merseyside Integrated Transport Study. The intention of this study has been to produce an integrated land use and transport strategy over a twenty year period, in order to aid the realisation of economic growth.

1.66 Above all, the UDP is a plan for people. A wide range of community groups were consulted at the draft Plan stage, and many of their comments have been incorporated into the Plan. The Council recognises that for urban regeneration to succeed, there needs to be co-ordinated action involving the Council, the private sector and all sectors of the community acting in partnership. The way forward in this respect has been pioneered in Wirral's City Challenge initiative, where close co-operation between the Council and two organisations ensures full community involvement. These organisations are:

  • The Wirral Investment Network - consisting of representatives of industrial concerns within Wirral
  • The Community Action Network - consisting of representatives of community groups within the City Challenge area, and also those with a wider remit within the Borough