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SH3  Ground Floor Residential Uses in Key Town Centres and Traditional Suburban Shopping Centres  Policy

Within the Key Town Centres listed in Policy SH1 and the Traditional Suburban Centres listed in Policy SH2, the conversion of shop units at ground floor level to residential use will only be permitted where the proposal forms part of an overall strategy of planned contraction in the size of the Key Town Centre or Traditional Suburban Centre.

Reasoned justification :

16.29 Given the importance of the centres listed under Policy SH1 and Policy SH2 above, it is important that the opportunities for introducing new businesses are not reduced through the conversion of vacant units to residential use at ground floor level. The only exception to this occurs where, as part of an overall strategy, a contraction in the size of a centre is planned. Such a process has recently been implemented in New Ferry Key Town Centre. In these circumstances, conversion of identified surplus units may be appropriate.