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TL5   The Control of Tourism in West Kirby  Policy

Proposals for new tourist attractions and related facilities will be limited to the commercial and retail core of West Kirby, shown on the Proposals Map as subject to Policy SH1 and Policy SH6, and to the urban coastal frontage between Dee Lane and Sandy Lane, West Kirby, subject to Policy TL2.

Reasoned justification :

10.24 West Kirby with its beaches, sand dunes, marine lake, sailing club, retail area and public facilities within the West Kirby Concourse is an established location for a day or half-day trip to the coast by car, bus or rail. It is identified within Policy TLR1 as an area where tourism development will be encouraged. However, not all areas of the resort are suitable for accommodating tourist activities.

10.25 Policy TL5, therefore, aims to only direct new proposals to those areas which have traditionally been recognised as forming part of the resort itself as opposed to the Primarily Residential Area around which it has become established. This, therefore, includes the primarily retail area identified on the Proposals Map under Policy SH1, the Primarily Commercial Area identified under Policy SH6 and the main seafront area overlooking the Marine Lake between Dee Lane and Sandy Lane. Development outside these areas will continue to be regulated in accordance with Policy HS15.