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CH22  Bromborough Pool Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Bromborough Pool Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) retain the uniform, planned form of the historic, industrial workers village;

(ii) preserve the open aspect of land providing an important separation function from surrounding modern industrial uses;

(iii) retain unifying features of design, including the grid-iron pattern, terraces of four, materials, scale, elevational treatment and garden areas; and

(iv) retain the high wall bounding the Village along Dock Road South.

Only primarily residential uses will be permitted within the Area and notwithstanding designation as sports grounds under Proposal RE6, priority will be given to retaining the primarily open aspect of land used as playing fields at The Green and fronting South View.

Reasoned justification :

11.66 Bromborough Pool Village Conservation Area was designated in October 1986. It was developed as a model village in 1854 to provide homes for workers in the nearby Price's Candle Factory. Development of the Village continued throughout the rest of the century to incorporate a school, hospital, village hall and Church, all of which remained in the ownership of the factory. The Village, therefore, represents one of the earliest examples of English private company philanthropy.

11.67 Policy CH22 provides for essential elements in the planned form of the Village to continue to be preserved, including the uniformity of layout and the setting and detailed design of individual buildings. It also provides for the Village to remain a Primarily Residential Area and to remain essentially separate from its modern industrial surroundings, by restricting new development on open land which serves as an essential buffer between the Village and the modern factory premises nearby.