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GB11  Removal of Agricultural Occupancy Conditions  Policy

An application to remove an agricultural occupancy condition imposed on a key worker dwelling will be permitted subject to the following criteria:

(i) evidence being shown of unsuccessful attempts to let or sell the dwelling at a rent or value reflecting the existence of the occupancy condition, such attempts to include advertisement for a substantial period in agricultural and other appropriate trade journals as well as other general property pages;

(ii) the occupancy condition being shown to be inappropriate due to changes in agricultural, horticultural or forestry practice.

Reasoned justification :

7.33 In recent years the occupancy of much new housing development in the Green Belt has been restricted to those working in agriculture, horticulture or forestry. As agriculture changes and as the original key worker may retire or move out of agriculture, it sometimes becomes necessary to consider the removal of such restrictive conditions.

7.34 The Local Planning Authority wish to avoid a proliferation of new dwellings in the Green Belt and will wish to see genuine efforts to dispose of the dwelling to someone locally employed in agriculture, horticulture or forestry. It is suggested that advertisement in known specialist journals for a period of twelve months will allow suitable buyers to be identified. Very often such potential buyers will be less able to compete with open market buyers, and the selective marketing of the dwelling can retain affordable housing for agricultural workers.