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EM12  Employment Development in Primarily Residential Areas  Policy

Within the Primarily Residential Area, development proposals involving the use, storage, manufacture or processing of notifiable hazardous substances, or other inappropriate development likely to result in a detrimental change in the character of the area, will not be permitted.

Reasoned justification :

5.42 The aim of land-use planning policy in the UDP is, generally, to concentrate new employment development within the Borough’s established industrial areas. Employment development which falls within Class B1 of the town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, may, however, be acceptable in a Primarily Residential Area, subject to Policy HS15.

5.43 In respect of an existing business, which has become dominant and intrusive in an inappropriate location, the Council will first seek to bring the activity within acceptable standards. Where this proves impossible, the Council will then seek to relocate the business either by agreement or, where necessary, by compulsory purchase. This will particularly be the case when the use is causing serious difficulties in a residential area or where the development potential of a wider area is being prejudiced.

5.44 Policy HS15 can be found in the Housing Section of the UDP.