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HS15  Non-Residential Uses in Primarily Residential Areas  Policy

Within the Primarily Residential Areas as defined on the Proposals Map, proposals for small-scale built development and changes of use for non-residential uses will only be permitted where the proposal will not:

(i) be of such scale as to be inappropriate to surrounding development;

(ii) result in a detrimental change in the character of the area; and,

(iii) cause nuisance to neighbouring uses, particularly in respect of noise and disturbance, on-street parking and deliveries by vehicle.

Proposals should make adequate provision for off-street car parking standards and servicing requirements.

Reasoned justification :

6.72 Although the Primarily Residential Areas will remain largely unchanged throughout the life of the UDP, they already contain many small shopping parades, small businesses and community facilities such as churches, libraries and community centres. These normally cause little nuisance and are indeed essential to local residents who wish to shop locally or have jobs close to their homes. As well as the convenience to residents of having such facilities close-by, energy costs are reduced by the shorter journey distances involved.

6.73 Policies for business uses are outlined in Policy EM12, which can be found in Section 5 of the UDP; for Community Uses in Policy RE10, which can be found in Section 9 of the UDP; and for small-scale retail uses, such as corner shops and in shopping parades, in Policy SH4, which can be found in Section 16 of the UDP. In all cases the Local Planning Authority will be concerned to limit the environmental intrusion which may be caused by such uses in the Primarily Residential Area, particularly by large numbers of cars and delivery vehicles.