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TR5  Major Highway Schemes  Proposal

The following major highway schemes are identified for implementation during the UDP period. These schemes can only be implemented if they meet the criteria in Policy TR8:

1. Heron Road/ Saughall Massie Road Improvement and Diversion (Phases 1 and 3)
2. Central Birkenhead traffic management proposals, Birkenhead Town Link Diversion, and Mollington Link
3. Tramway from Woodside to Conway Park

The following are identified as sites which exhibit traffic problems in relation to congestion at peak periods and vehicular/ pedestrian conflict. The situation will continue to be monitored, and detailed schemes may be drawn up in future to alleviate such unsatisfactory conditions:

4. Heswall Town Centre
5. Moreton Cross

Reasoned justification :

This justification relates to Proposals TR5 and TR6

15.18 The Local Highway Authority identifies highway schemes within the TPP in two categories - major schemes and minor works. Transport Supplementary Grant (TSG) is paid at a rate of 50% for eligible works as accepted by the Department of Transport. TSG is paid towards suitable major capital programmes for roads of more than local significance. The proposals above are those listed in the current TPP. In addition, further minor schemes, not listed in the UDP, may be identified and funded through block allocations in the future.

15.19 The DETR has introduced a more flexible system in funding local road schemes and public transport facilities in urban areas, through the “package approach”. The Borough Council has participated in a joint Integrated Transport Study, along with the other four Merseyside Districts, Merseytravel, the Merseyside Development Corporation and the Merseyside Task Force. The results of this major study now provide the strategic transport framework within which the five Merseyside District Councils and Merseytravel produce the annual Merseyside Package Bid for transport funding. From July 2000, the TPP system will be replaced by the Merseyside Local Transport Plan.