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TR11  Provision for Cyclists in Highway and Development Schemes  Policy

In assessing new highway proposals, improvement schemes and new major development proposals, the Local Planning Authority will negotiate with developers with a view to ensuring that:

(i) the scheme includes a cycle audit to ensure that the scheme provides improvements to, or at the least has no negative impact on, the coherence, directness, safety, attractiveness and comfort of routes used by cyclists;

(ii) the design of the proposal, including any traffic management measures such as traffic calming, provides a cycle-friendly infrastructure and does not have adverse safety implications for cyclists; and

(iii) opportunities for enhancing or adding to provision for cyclists have been maximised.

Reasoned justification :

15.41 In many cases the existing road network offers the quickest and most direct route for cyclists. Taking action to make junctions, where the majority of accidents occur, safer for cyclists, and taking account of cyclists' needs during highway improvements and new scheme development can make an important contribution to improving cyclists' safety. Incorporation of provision for cyclists or rectification of safety problems is best achieved at the design and planning application stage, as this can avoid the need for costly remedial works at a later date.