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AG4  The Control of Agricultural Development  Policy

In considering proposals for new development required for agricultural purposes the Local Planning Authority need to be satisfied that:

(i) adequate provision is made for highway access, on site parking and the safe manoeuvring of vehicles and machinery;

(ii) adequate measures have been taken in order to minimise visual intrusion within the local landscape, in terms of scale, siting, design and external appearance and that there are appropriate landscaping proposals;

(iii) the structures proposed do not significantly prejudice the amenity of neighbouring property un-related to the agricultural holding; and

(iv) designated nature conservation sites or Listed Buildings are not adversely affected.

Reasoned justification :

12.17 Not all agricultural development has the benefit of permitted development status and proposals requiring planning consent will, therefore, be subject to the normal controls set out elsewhere within the UDP. New development for agricultural purposes is, however, appropriate within the Green Belt. Policy AG4, therefore, seeks to regulate such development in order to minimise its visual and operational impact and includes protection for the amenity of property which is not a part of the agricultural holding to which the application relates.

12.18 Policy AG4 specifically requires all new agricultural development to be well integrated within the local landscape. This should be achieved by a mix of careful siting and design, the sensitive choice of colour and materials, and, where necessary, by additional planting. New free-standing structures should normally be avoided and wherever possible new buildings should be well related to existing development in terms of scale, dimensions and alignment. Where free-standing development cannot be avoided, landscape considerations will be of heightened significance. In line with Policy LAN1, new development will only be permitted where the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that the visual impact of the proposals can be adequately controlled and is acceptable in terms of retaining the overall character of the wider area.