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MI1  The Control of Clay Extraction  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will control and monitor the extraction of clay within the Borough to ensure that any adverse environmental impact is minimised.

Reasoned justification :

18.8 There are small reserves of winnable clay located at Carr Lane, Moreton, in the north of the Borough. At present, some twenty-three hectares are in active working or under restoration, and a further nineteen hectares in reserve for future working.

18.9 These identified reserves lie within the Green Belt and the North Wirral Coastal Park, and are also in proximity to residential properties and the Birkenhead to West Kirby rail line. Meols Meadow SSSI is also in near proximity.

18.10 It is, therefore, essential that extraction processes are carried out in a manner which minimises adverse effects on the environment. The Local Planning Authority will pay particular attention to mitigating noise, vibration, dust, dirt, odours and the effects of heavy goods vehicles.

18.11 Similar considerations will apply to any other, as yet unidentified, clay extraction sites which may come forward for development within the UDP period. In this respect, the Local Planning Authority, being the Minerals Planning Authority for the Borough, is mindful of its duty to review existing sites and workings within its area under Section 3 of the Minerals Act 1981.