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CH20  Bromborough Village Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Bromborough Village Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) preserve the historic character of the Village core, based around the landmarks of St. Barnabas' Church and Bromborough Cross;

(ii) preserve the character and setting of the Church and its precincts, including the courtyard, Hall, school, school house and lych-gate; and

(iii) retain unifying features such as stone walls, narrow lanes and shared elements of building design and materials.

No infill development will be permitted between 2 and 22, The Rake, inclusive.

Reasoned justification :

11.60 Bromborough Village was designated as a Conservation Area in July 1982, and is one of the smallest in the Borough. The boundary to the Area has been drawn tightly in order to include the core of the old village and remaining vernacular buildings along The Rake and Bromborough Village Road.

11.61 Originally a compact, nucleated village, centred around St. Barnabas' Church, it has largely been overtaken by more modern development. However, enough of the historic centre remains to enable the character of the original settlement to be discerned. This character is principally derived from the historic market cross, the setting and visual dominance of the Church, and the courtyard formed by its associated buildings at Church Lane.

11.62 The objective of Policy CH20 is, therefore, to ensure that the character and setting of these historic features is retained, wherever possible. Policy CH20 also specifically restricts infill development affecting period property along The Rake, in order to preserve the distinctive character and scale of the remaining domestic property within the Village.