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AG7  Agricultural and Horticultural Retailing  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will permit farm based retailing as part of a farm diversification proposal providing that the development satisfies the following criteria:

(i) the proposal must not exceed 100 square metres of net retail floorspace and must be in a position that relates well to the surrounding area and/ or property;
(ii) the proposal should utilise existing agricultural buildings;
(iii) there must be adequate access to the highway network, sufficient to accommodate estimated peak traffic flows;
(iv) appropriate parking must be available for cars and delivery vehicles, in accordance with Policy GB3;
(v) the amenity of neighbouring property is not seriously affected; and
(vi) adequate landscaping is provided.

Reasoned justification :

12.22 National guidance seeks to encourage farm-based diversification especially where proposals can be shown to both benefit economic activity and maintain or enhance the rural environment. In these terms, farm-based retailing can be acceptable where proposals are small in scale, appropriate in design and layout and otherwise in line with Green Belt objectives.

12.23 Policy AG7, therefore, sets out the criteria that the Local Planning Authority will apply to proposals for farm-based retailing in order to ensure that these requirements are properly satisfied before permission is granted.