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PO2  Development Near Existing Sources of Pollution  Policy

Proposals located near existing developments which are authorised or licensed under pollution control legislation, will only be permitted where the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that:

(i) the location or nature of the proposed development would not be vulnerable to pollution from the existing land-use, either that permitted under pollution control authorisations or which might result from a failure in pollution control measures;

(ii) the proposed development would not result in the need for a higher standard of pollution control measures at the existing development or lead to a failure to renew the relevant pollution control authorisations; and

(iii) where the proposed development is itself potentially polluting, there is no adverse, cumulative impact resulting from the existing and proposed developments.

Particular regard will be had to proposed uses which would lead to a material increase in the numbers of people working or living within or visiting areas close to sources of pollution which pose a risk to human health.

Reasoned justification :

21.6 While it is reasonable to protect existing land-uses from potentially polluting development, the principle of separating incompatible uses also applies to other development proposals. Where development subject to pollution control is operating safely, without causing interference or intrusion, it is unreasonable to introduce new development within the area that would either place significant numbers of people at risk or which would unnecessarily render the existing use a nuisance. Policy PO2, therefore, provides for the control of development proposals in locations near existing sources of pollution, especially where the use proposed would be at risk from or sensitive to a pollution incident.

21.7 Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution (HMIP) currently regulates uses which are considered to have the greatest potential to pollute. This includes the following ten sites within Wirral, to which Policy PO2 will in particular apply;

- Chemdal, East Street, Seacombe
- Shell UK, Tranmere
- Unichema Chemicals, Bromborough Pool
- Quest International, Bromborough Pool
- UML Power Station, Bromborough
- Lever Brothers, New Chester Road, Bromborough
- Lubrizol, Dock Road South, Bromborough
- FMC Lithium, Commercial Road, Bromborough
- Morganite Ceramics, Tebay Road, Eastham
- Eastham Refinery, Eastham

21.8 The location of these installations is shown on Map 10