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CH26  The Preservation of Historic Parks and Gardens  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will pay special regard to sites included in the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest and will only permit development within, adjacent to, or otherwise likely to affect the setting of such a site, where the proposals:

(i) would not involve the loss of features considered to form an integral part of the special character or appearance of the park or garden; and

(ii) would not otherwise detract from the enjoyment, layout, design, character, appearance, or setting of the park or garden;

In granting consent, special consideration will be given to matters of design, including landscaping and visual impact, in order to preserve the character and setting of the designated area.

Reasoned justification :

11.80 English Heritage have established a national Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. Within this Register, parks and gardens are graded with regard to the extent of interest they possess.

11.81 Wirral currently has two parks and gardens within the Register - Birkenhead Park and Thornton Manor Gardens at Thornton Hough. Birkenhead Park is of exceptional historic interest (Grade I) and Thornton Manor Gardens is of special historic interest (Grade II). They are both worthy of preservation in their own right.

11.82 National planning policy guidance indicates that local planning authorities should protect registered parks and gardens, both when preparing development plans and in determining planning applications. This extends not only to the integrity of the park itself but also to its wider setting. Policy CH26, therefore, seeks to ensure that the special character of such sites, together with their setting, is protected from inappropriate development.