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TR12  Requirements for Cycle Parking  Policy

Where considered practicable and desirable by the Local Planning Authority, new development will be required to provide cycle parking facilities in line with the guidance below:

(i) retail, commercial, industrial premises and places of entertainment - one stand for every twenty car parking spaces:

(ii) educational establishments of secondary school level and above - one stand for every five students. In addition, for all educational establishments - one stand for every twenty staff car parking spaces;

(iii) flats - one stand for every flat, to be provided within the curtilage of the development;

(iv) railway stations/ park-and-ride - a minimum of ten stands at each station;

(v) bus stations - one stand for every two bus stands.

Reasoned justification :

15.42 A further disincentive to greater levels of cycle usage is the lack of safe and secure cycle parking in public areas and at workplaces. The Council will encourage developers, where appropriate, to provide secure cycle parking in shopping centres, transport interchanges and public buildings. Guidance on the design and location of cycle parking facilities is given in Supplementary Planning Guidance Note 42.