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EM4  Expansion Land for Existing Businesses  Proposal

The following areas, as shown on the Proposals Map, are being held as expansion land for existing businesses and are confirmed as being considered suitable for uses falling within Classes B1, B2 or B8 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, subject to Policy EM6, Policy EM7 and Policy EM9, should they become surplus to the requirements of the holding company:

1. Rear of Arrowebrook Road, Upton 2.0 ha
2. North of Plantation Road, Bromborough 6.0 ha
3. Former Power Station, Commercial Road 1.9 ha
Bromborough (subject to Coastal Zone Policy CO1)
4. Land North of Oakdale Road, Seacombe 1.0 ha
5. Land South of Oakdale Road, Seacombe 1.3 ha

TOTAL 12.2 ha

Reasoned justification :

5.20. A number of sites are held by existing businesses for future expansion and are not expected to become available to other users. Their allocation under Proposal EM4 confirms their suitability for development and allows for general employment use if they become surplus to the requirements of the holding company. Proposal EM4/3 falls within the Coastal Zone and is, therefore, also subject to Policy CO1, which can be found in Section 20 of the UDP.