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SH11  The Expansion of Out-of-Centre Retail Developments  Policy

Proposals for the redevelopment or expansion of the existing out-of-centre retail developments, shown on the Proposals Map for retail use, will be subject to the criteria set out in Policy SH9 and Policy SH10.

Reasoned justification :

16.47 Two out-of-centre retail warehouse parks exist in Wirral, at Bidston Moss and at Bromborough, and a third is proposed at Green Lane in Birkenhead. There are four major out-of-centre food superstores at Bidston, Bromborough, Woodchurch and Upton. While the principle of retailing has been accepted on these sites, it is necessary to provide safeguards against future proposals which may represent a significant intensification in retail activity, or a change in the nature of the retail use, for example, from non-food to food. Such developments could change the extent to which retail use on the site has an impact on established shopping centres. Major expansion of retailing activity could also have car parking, access, or amenity implications. Policy SH11 makes it clear that any proposals for redevelopment of these sites for retail use will be assessed using Policy SH9 and Policy SH10.