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MI3  Facilities for Marine Won Sand and Gravel  Policy

The Local Planning Authority acknowledges that the retention and expansion of port-side facilities for the storage and distribution of marine-won sand and gravel will continue to be a viable and appropriate use within all the Dockland areas of the Borough, and will continue fully to support such use.

Reasoned justification :

18.14 There are substantial deposits of sand and gravel in Liverpool Bay. At present only sand is dredged under licence from designated areas, but there is capacity for expansion of the industry subject to compatibility with marine wildlife and nature conservation interests. Such expansion is outside the control of the UDP, as planning powers only apply to low water mark.

18.15 Sand is landed and stored for distribution within the Wirral Docks at present. This use is entirely compatible with the objectives of port operations in all Wirral's ports and is encouraged by the Borough Council as part of economic and urban regeneration.