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NC11  Sites of Local Importance for Earth Science  Proposal

The following sites are sites of local importance for earth science. Their boundaries are shown on the Proposals Map. Applications for development with potential to have an adverse affect on these sites will be determined in accordance with Policy NC10:

1. Red and Yellow Noses, New Brighton
2. Grange Hill, West Kirby
3. Irby Quarry
4. Mill Road, Bromborough
5. Hilbre Point/Red Rocks, Hoylake
6. Hilbre (Main Island, Middle Island, Little Eye and Tansky Rocks) Hoylake, West Kirby
7. Caldy Hill, Thurstaston
8. Thurstaston Hill and Telegraph Road cutting
9. Dee Cliffs, Caldy
10. Storeton Hill, Bebington
11. Bidston Hill
12. The Beacons, Heswall

Reasoned justification :

13.40 Policy NC10 sets out the criteria that the Local Planning Authority will normally apply to proposals affecting sites of special local importance for earth science. Proposal NC11, therefore, lists those sites which the Local Planning Authority consider merit protection under Policy NC10. Sites not currently identified under the Proposal NC11 list, but which can be shown to meet the criteria specified, will also be subject to protection under Policy NC10.

13.41 A list of Sites of Local Geological Importance for Merseyside was originally published in 1983 by Merseyside County Council for protection through policies within the Merseyside Structure Plan. It was drawn up by the keeper of Geology at Merseyside County Museum in Liverpool in consultation with local geological societies. This list has now been revised by the Cheshire RIGS Group, co-ordinated by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, in accordance with national guidelines for the identification of Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological sites (RIGS) issued by English Nature. This revision now forms the basis of the Proposal NC11 list.

13.42 In a number of cases, sites of local importance for earth science also correspond to biological SSSIs listed under Proposal NC4 and SBIs listed under Proposal NC6. Where this occurs, the Local Planning Authority will normally consider biological and earth science characteristics as distinct and separate features of the site, unless the relationship between special biological characteristics and underlying geology cannot be separated.

13.43 Further information with regard to the selection of RIGs and the status of sites listed under Proposal NC11 can be found within Supplementary Planning Guidance Note 40.