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EM8  Development within Primarily Industrial Areas  Policy

Within the Primarily Industrial Areas indicated on the Proposals Map, proposals for the following uses will be permitted, subject to Policy EM6 and Policy EM7:

(i) uses falling within Classes B1, B2 or B8 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987; and

(ii) proposals for the reconstruction, extension or expansion of existing businesses, including those involving the introduction of a notifiable hazardous substance above its controlled quantity subject to Policy PO8.

Reasoned justification :

5.28 The UDP looks forward to the year 2001. During that time additional sites, other than those allocated in Section 5 of the Plan, may become available within the Borough’s existing industrial areas as firms close, restructure or relocate. Policy EM8 is, therefore, intended to provide greater certainty by making clear that any future proposals within such areas will have to conform to the same criteria as proposals on land allocated for employment uses.

5.29 The Council's corporate policy is to provide for environmental improvements within Primarily Industrial Areas. The emergence of new sources of employment and the decline of older industries is a continuous process. Some older industrial areas are not realistically capable of adapting to modern standards without comprehensive treatment and significant expenditure over a number of years. Many fall within the area of the Merseyside Development Corporation, and the Council will support the Corporation’s efforts to improve these areas.

5.30 The Council itself has also designated Industrial and Commercial Improvement Areas within the Wirral Docklands area, at Railway Road Industrial Estate and at Russell Road/ Oaktree Place, Rock Ferry. Within these areas, improvements have involved land assembly, improvements to roads and to access, servicing and landscaping.

5.31 Other locations outside the inner urban areas, for example, at the Cross Lane, Tarran, and Carr Lane Industrial Estates, do not qualify for Improvement Area status but would also benefit from measures such as improved landscaping, fencing and security arrangements. Detailed schemes will be drawn up as resources allow, and for the most part, will be implemented in partnership with local businesses and new employers.