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CH8  Rock Park Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Rock Park Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) retain the original character, design and layout of the former merchants' estate;

(ii) preserve public access along the Esplanade and views across the Mersey Estuary; and

(iii) retain unifying features, such as the irregular, looped, landscaped driveway and the density, scale, massing and woodland setting of the developed areas.

Only primarily residential uses will be permitted within the Area and notwithstanding designation as Urban Greenspaces under Proposal GR2, priority will be given to retaining the open, landscaped character of Rock Park Linear Open Space and Rock Park Esplanade Open Space.

Reasoned justification :

11.26 Rock Park Conservation Area was designated in February 1979. It represents a purpose-built, out-of-town, residential estate formed by Liverpool merchants and sited near the local cross-river ferry terminal. The riverside estate also benefits from fine views across the Mersey Estuary and can be clearly recognised from viewpoints on the opposite bank of the River.

11.27 The character of the Area mainly derives from the design and layout of the estate. The original estate formed forty-four residential plots, laid out around an irregularly looped landscaped driveway. Each plot was then sold with articles of agreement regulating the density, design and nature of the development subsequently undertaken. The objective of Policy CH8 is, therefore, to ensure that these planned aspects of design and layout continue to be respected.

11.28 Rock Park Esplanade and the former ferry landing point is one of few public access points to the riverfront, south of Tranmere. Rock Park Esplanade Open Space is also a prominent landmark in views of the peninsula from the Liverpool riverfront. Policy CH8, therefore, also provides for these features to be preserved.