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TR7  Transport Corridor Environmental Improvements  Proposal

The Local Planning Authority, in conjunction with the relevant agencies, both public and private, within the UDP period will implement environmental improvement schemes along the following main transport corridors within the Borough. Special consideration will be given to the nature conservation value of land within these corridors:

(a) Rail

1. Wrexham-Birkenhead line (Woodchurch to Bidston-M53 Corridor)
2. Birkenhead Park (Tunnel Portal) to Bidston
3. Birkenhead Central to Bebington

(b) Road

4. M53 Corridor (Woodchurch to Leasowe/ Bidston)
5. New Chester Road, A41(T)
6. Wallasey Bridge Road, Poulton Bridge Road and Poulton Bridge
7. Birkenhead Freeport Route - Duke Street to Wallasey Bridge Road
8. Birkenhead South/ North Route
9. Chester Street/ Woodside Gyratory/ Tower Road/ Dock Road/ Docks Link Road to M53 Motorway

Reasoned justification :

15.22 Transport corridors provide the physical infrastructure for achieving personal mobility. They also provide access to Wirral for visitors and tourists. The visual impressions created by the corridors themselves and from them are important to the image of the Borough, which is a vital element in its economic regeneration. This is particularly the case with the M53 Motorway, with its visual impact on open land within the Green Belt.