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CH21  Barnston Village Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Barnston Village Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) preserve the domestic scale and quiet character of an historic, rural village;

(ii) retain unifying features, such as the character of historic farm buildings, stone walls and mature trees;

(iii) preserve the wooded scenic corridor to the north of the Village along Barnston Road; and

(iv) retain the character, setting and group value of imposing buildings in spacious grounds, focussed in a loose square around the Church precincts.

Reasoned justification :

11.63 Barnston Village Conservation Area was designated in December 1983. While the original village can be traced back to the Domesday Book, the earliest remaining buildings in the Village date from the eighteenth century. Still dominated by working farms, the Village retains its essentially rural character and represents a good example of a post medieval nucleated settlement.

11.64 The appearance of the Village is dominated by two distinctive groups of buildings: the old core of domestic buildings, centred around Old Lane and its junction with Barnston Road; and the Church precincts, framed by imposing sandstone buildings formed in a loose square whose open side is presented to Barnston Road. Policy CH21, therefore, provides for these features of the Village to be preserved.

11.65 Policy CH21 also provides for the rural character of the Area to be preserved and, in particular, for the wooded, scenic corridor along Barnston Road to be protected. This corridor, leading out of the built-up area towards Barnston Dale, forms an important visual complement to the wider setting of the Village.