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NC8  Local Nature Reserves  Policy

Within formally designated Local Nature Reserves, proposals for small scale visitor facilities and similar developments essential to the management, study or enjoyment of the Reserve will be permitted providing they are unobtrusive, carefully designed and located and do not compromise the natural features of the Reserve and their value for nature conservation.

Reasoned justification :

13.32 Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are designated under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. Their main purpose is to preserve the natural features of special interest in an area and to provide for the study, research and appreciation of nature. As part of the furtherance of these aims it is often appropriate to provide viewing areas, educational centres and other visitor facilities; providing these are small in scale, carefully designed and located, and do not compromise the special interest of the site. Policy NC8, therefore, makes specific provision for such development within both statutory LNRs and within informal nature reserves set up under the same basic principles, such as Red Rocks Marsh, Hoylake.

13.33 Wirral currently has four statutory Local Nature Reserves based upon the existing Sites of Special Scientific Interest at Hilbre Islands, Brotherton Park/ Dibbinsdale, Thurstaston Common, and Heswall Dales, and a further Reserve at Bidston Moss. All are managed by Wirral Borough Council’s Leisure Services and Tourism Department. These sites represent some of the most accessible and representative nature conservation habitats within the Borough and offer considerable potential for educational purposes.