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AG1  Development and Agriculture  Policy

In assessing the siting, design and layout of proposals for new development near existing agricultural land holdings, the Local Planning Authority will need to be satisfied that appropriate measures have been taken in order to:
(i) protect the operational needs of continued and viable agricultural enterprise within the area;
(ii) minimise direct or indirect disturbance to existing agricultural land uses;
(iii) take the main focus for public recreation away from areas used for agricultural production.

Reasoned justification :

12.7 Policy AGR1 provides for the general restriction of proposals likely to give rise to unacceptable disturbance or nuisance to agricultural enterprise. Policy AG1 reiterates this requirement but additionally sets out detailed criteria to ensure that all proposals for non-agricultural uses are sited and designed in such a way as to minimise the potential for harm to local agriculture.

12.8 New development, especially of a directly urban nature, can introduce new factors into an agricultural setting which can affect the continued efficiency and upkeep of an adjacent farm holding. These can include noise, increased trespass, vandalism, and other direct or indirect interference with crops, machinery and livestock and the day-to-day running of the farm. In severe circumstances certain areas of land can be rendered unsuitable for the purposes for which they were originally used.

12.9 Such difficulties can be reduced by separating incompatible land uses, providing appropriate landscaping and boundary treatments, and by providing for a layout which makes a more distinct separation between the remaining agricultural area and the new area of development. The adequacy, design and location of land for public recreation is often an important factor in drawing the focus of activity away from the agricultural unit. Policy AG1, therefore, intends to ensure that the design, layout and nature of new development is appropriate to the nature of agricultural enterprise nearby and that every opportunity is taken to safeguard continued agricultural production.