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MI6  Use of Secondary and Recycled Aggregates.  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will encourage the use of secondary aggregates and inert waste materials, such as re-usable demolition wastes, colliery shale and pulverised fuel ash, as alternative materials to newly-won minerals, provided this is economically and environmentally acceptable.

Reasoned justification :

18.23 In line with current Government guidance, the Local Planning Authority will encourage the use of secondary and recycled aggregates in building projects. The Authority has no power to be prescriptive but could, for example, in negotiation with its contracted developers for its own development projects, specify proportions of the use of such materials in particular cases.

18.24 The use of such materials, often perceived as waste, as an alternative to natural aggregates is, in many cases, technically feasible and economically sound. It is also fully in line with the achievement of sustainable development, as it conserves valuable aggregate resources and reduces the quantity of material requiring disposal.

18.25 However, in implementing Policy MI6, the Local Planning Authority will need to be satisfied that, in particular cases, such use of materials is economically justified, and that the implications of using recycled materials, including the recycling process itself, will not involve unacceptable environmental effects.