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GR4  Allotments to be Protected From Development  Proposal

The following sites within the urban area will be protected from development, subject to Policy GR3:

1. Beaconsfield allotments, New Ferry
2. Bebington Road allotments, Egerton
3. Bedford Avenue allotments, Egerton
4. Buckingham Avenue allotments, Liscard
5. Carrodus allotments, Bidston
6. Church Road allotments, Tranmere
7. Fairview allotments, Oxton
8. Harris allotments, Egerton
9. Hill Road allotments, Claughton
10 Ilford Avenue allotments, Seacombe
11. Lansdowne Place allotments, Bidston
12. Manor Lane allotments, Rock Ferry
13. Manor Drive allotments, Upton
14. Molyneux allotments, Egerton
15. Mountwood allotments, Egerton
16. Plymyard allotments, Eastham
17. Salacre allotments, Upton
18. Shakeshaft allotments, Bidston
19. Sumner Road allotments, Bidston
20. Teehey allotments, Bebington
21. Belvidere allotments, Wallasey
22. Tollemache Road allotments, Claughton
23. Upton Road allotments, Claughton
24. Wingate Road allotments, Eastham

Reasoned justification :

8.22Policy GR3 provides for allotments not identified within Proposal GR2 to be protected from development where they can alleviate a local shortfall in accessible public open space or land available as playing fields. This is of most importance where allotments are located within areas where available open land is scarce.

8.23 All the sites listed fall within the urban area and many are known to fall within areas of recreational deficiency. While they do not provide for the recreational needs of the general public in the fullest sense they are an important local resource and often contribute to the greenspace of the urban environment. They are therefore allocated within Proposal GR4 for protection subject to Policy GR3.