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GB4  Replacement of Existing Dwellings in the Green Belt  Policy

The replacement of existing dwellings in the Green Belt will be permitted subject to the following criteria:

(i) the dwelling is not in an isolated or visually prominent location in the countryside;

(ii) there is direct vehicular access to the dwelling;

(iii) the replacement dwelling is not more than 15% larger than the dwelling it replaces or larger than the existing dwelling plus any remaining permitted development allowance for extension;

(iv) the curtilage of the replacement dwelling should be the same as or wholly contained within the curtilage of the existing dwelling.

The Local Planning Authority will remove permitted development rights for further extensions when granting permission for a replacement dwelling which is materially larger than the existing dwelling.

Where the replacement dwelling's location in the curtilage would result in a lesser impact in the Green Belt than that of the existing dwelling, the Local Planning Authority will require the replacement dwelling to be positioned accordingly. In other cases the Local Planning Authority will require the replacement dwelling to be located in the same place as the existing dwelling.

Reasoned justification :

7.20 In order to retain the open appearance of the Green Belt, it is important to prevent replacement dwellings being materially larger than the original dwelling. In addition, the Local Planning Authority is concerned not to prolong the existence of isolated and prominent housing development which may be counter to the objectives of sustainability in its demands for improved servicing.