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CO6  Development within Areas at Risk of Coastal Erosion  Policy

Development proposed within areas likely to be affected by coastal erosion or land instability should comply with Policy PO7, but will only be permitted where erosion or landslips are not likely to occur during the lifetime of the building.

Reasoned justification :

20.33 Even where a proposed building is not at immediate risk from erosion, and coastal defence works are not required in order to enable the development to proceed, such development will not be permitted where it is likely to be at risk from erosion at any time during it’s anticipated lifespan such that new coastal defences would be required. This reinforces the principle, established by Policy CO4 and Policy CO5, of restricting the construction of new coastal defence works to those necessary to protect existing development. Policy PO7, which can be found in Section 21 of the Plan, provides additional guidance for development on unstable land.

20.34 Areas known to be at risk of coastal erosion are shown on Map 9.