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AG6  Development Near Agricultural Nuisances  Policy

Proposals for non-agricultural uses, which owing to their location and nature would be particularly sensitive to nuisance from an existing agricultural livestock unit, facility for the storage of slurry or sewage sludge or for animal waste processing will not be permitted if the proposal is likely to significantly prejudice the amenity of the future occupiers or users of the land.

Reasoned justification :

12.21 The principle of separating incompatible uses, which underlies the protection given to "protected buildings" within the General Development Order and under Policy AG5, also applies in reverse. Policy AG6, therefore, prevents new non-agricultural development which would clearly be incompatible with an existing agricultural land-use. The objective of Policy AG6 is to prevent the introduction of uses which would lead to additional constraints upon the future operation of what would otherwise be an appropriately located agricultural facility.