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CH11  Caldy Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Caldy Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) retain the character of a low density, maturely landscaped suburb with substantial houses in large grounds;

(ii) retain the unifying features of design, layout and building materials within the old village core;

(iii) preserve the unity of strongly enclosed boundary treatment incorporating high walls, dense landscaping or dark-stained, close-boarded, timber fences in the area outside the old village core; and

(iv) preserve, wherever practicable, views of the Dee Estuary and of the North Wales coast beyond.

Only primarily residential uses will be permitted within this Area.

Reasoned justification :

11.33 Caldy Conservation Area was designated in October 1974. It is situated on a prominent, wooded, west-facing slope, offering dramatic views over the Dee Estuary to North Wales. The boundary, therefore, contains those areas where uncontrolled change would do significant harm to the special quality of the environment.

11.34 The Area not only includes the small nucleus of the old historic village, but also the areas of large detached dwellings set in extensive grounds which now primarily define the character of the Area. While the old village is almost exclusively constructed of red ashlar sandstone and contains buildings dating back to the seventeenth century, the surrounding area has slowly been developed since 1906, as a spacious residential district.

11.35 The development of the wider area was first regulated by the owning control of the Caldy Manor Estate Company, but has latterly been regulated through design and density controls applied by the Local Planning Authority. Policy CH11, therefore, provides for these controls to be maintained in order to respect the established architectural and landscape standards elsewhere within the estate.