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WA5  Protecting Surface Waters  Policy

The Local Planning Authority will only permit development which:

(i) includes satisfactory arrangements for the disposal of foul sewage, trade effluent or contaminated surface water;

(ii) does not exacerbate existing problems such as premature or increased frequency of discharges through storm sewer overflows due to inadequate infrastructure or lack of sewer capacity; and

(iii) will not lead to spillage or leakage of stored oils or chemicals or other potentially polluting substances.

Reasoned justification :

19.17 For historic reasons, Wirral in common with much of the North West Region has a sewer system which is, or is becoming in parts, overloaded. Further development may lead to water pollution unless additional infrastructure is provided. In some cases, development may have to be phased where it is clear that foul sewers and sewage treatment works of adequate capacity and design are needed to serve the development.