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PO8  Hazardous Installations and Substances  Policy

Proposals for (a) new development involving the use, storage, manufacture or processing of notifiable hazardous substances, or (b) applications for Hazardous Substances Consent at existing developments, will only be permitted when the Local Planning Authority is satisfied that the degree of off-site risk resulting from the proposal is within acceptable limits. In assessing this, particular regard will be had to the following criteria:

(i) the size and nature of the proposed development;

(ii) the type and volume of hazardous substances involved, both on site and travelling to or from the site;

(iii) the nature of existing uses within the area, especially the location of residential areas and places where large numbers of people normally congregate;

(iv) the extent to which the proposal will add to existing levels of risk generated by existing hazardous installations or substances;

(v) the likelihood of an accident and the extent of its potential consequences;

(vi) the wider land-use implications of the proposal, beyond the boundary of the site, including the possibility of the proposal prejudicing the realization of the land-use and other environmental planning objectives set out elsewhere in the UDP; and

(vii) the proximity of surface and ground waters

Hazardous Substances Consent will only be permitted where the resulting consultation zone for the installation or substance involved would not fall across an existing or proposed residential area or place where large numbers of people normally congregate.

Reasoned justification :

21.25 Policy PO8 sets out the criteria the Local Planning Authority will apply for the control of hazardous substances and developments. While sites generally considered to be suitable locations for such development are identified within Section 5 of the UDP, it is Policy PO8 that will determine the acceptability of new proposals.

21.26 The development of a hazardous installation or the introduction of a hazardous substance into an area can have serious implications for existing and future land uses. Policy PO8, therefore, ensures that these implications are fully taken into account and particularly that new proposals are compatible with the existing pattern of land-use.

21.27 While the hazards arising from such proposals are subject to extensive regulation under health and safety legislation, even after measures to ensure compliance with these requirements have been taken, there remains a residual risk of an accident. The Health and Safety Executive is able to advise on the potential risks involved and is automatically consulted on every application for Hazardous Substances Consent. However, responsibility for the final decision remains with the Local Planning Authority. Policy PO8, therefore, indicates those matters which are likely to be of direct concern.