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TR10  Cycle Routes  Proposal

The Local Planning Authority will develop the following cycle routes during the UDP period:

1. The Wirral Coastal Route (Seacombe to Parkgate)
2. The Wallasey to Conway Park, Birkenhead Route
3. The Cross-Wirral Route (Moreton - Arrowe Park - Storeton - New Ferry)
4. The Seacombe - Liscard Route
5. Eastham Country Park to Port Sunlight Village
6. Saughall Massie Road/ Heron Road

New development along the line of these routes will be required to incorporate such provision as is necessary to maintain the integrity of a continuous cycle route.

Reasoned justification :

15.37 The Council is keen to see an increase in the use of bicycles in Wirral. Survey data indicates that there are now over 67,000 cycles in the Borough (an increase of 7% since 1987), yet cycling accounts for only around two per cent of trips made. This suggests that there is considerable potential for expanding cycle usage.

15.38 This would bring a number of benefits: in environmental terms, cycling creates little pollution, is highly energy-efficient and reduces traffic congestion. Cycling also promotes good health and personal mobility, being accessible to almost everyone. However, cyclists are particularly vulnerable road users. Policies and proposals to improve provision for cyclists will not only improve the safety of those who already cycle but also encourage more people to use this mode of transport.

15.39 Provision of segregated cycle paths is one way of separating cycles from their main sources of danger - motor vehicles. However, they are costly and difficult to integrate into an already built-up area. One alternative is to devise cycle routes which utilise existing quiet back-streets with short stretches of cycle path constructed to provide "links" between streets where necessary. The Local Planning Authority in conjunction with the Local Highway Authority and local cycling organisations will devise, implement and publicise a network of on and off-road cycle routes for both utility and recreational use.

15.40 The routes listed in Proposal TR10 complement and in some cases incorporate existing provision, notably the bridleway network which cyclists are also permitted to use. The Council has adopted a Rights of Way Strategy which aims to maintain and enhance this network: implementation of the strategy will make an important contribution to provision for recreational cyclists in particular. Guidance on the design of cycle tracks is given in Supplementary Planning Guidance Note 42.